Danniella Westbrook Livestreams Herself Getting A Designer Vagina

by : Francesca Donovan on : 02 Dec 2016 10:49

The former Eastenders actress, Danniella Westbrook has just Snapchatted a video of her designer vagina surgery.


The 43-year-old shared the full laser treatment with her followers on Snapchat, hilariously dubbing the video, ‘Snatchchat’.

As she lay on the operating table, Westbrook welcomed her audience to witness ‘just another day in my crazy world; the life of Danniella Westbrook.’


Apparently the whole procedure, which was complete in less than half an hour was relatively painless, but for anyone curious, you can watch the augmentation with commentary courtesy of Westbrook herself.


She said:

The thing is, when you’re having this designer vagina laser done, you think it’s really gonna hurt… It don’t.

Hard-as-nails Danniella bested her friend, who accompanied her during the surgery from behind the safety of a hospital curtain.


After the 20 minute operation, she captioned her final snap, ‘All done, all finished’, panning to her friendly nurse who smiled for the camera and waved her magical, vagina-altering jazz hands for all to see.

The actress, who has a history of drug addition leading to a deviated septum, sparked fears recently when she appeared with bandages under her nose.

This Snapchat is a welcome assurance that Danniella is doing well, in good spirits and getting her life back on track. More power to you, Danniella.

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