Dentist Explains Why You Should Never Brush Your Teeth After Eating Breakfast

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Dentist Explains Why You Should Never Brush Your Teeth After Eating BreakfastPixabay

If you’re the type of person to brush your teeth after having breakfast, you’ll probably want to read this.

To be fair, most people brush their teeth post-breakfast, because no one wants to start their day with Weetabix breath, do they?


However, despite it being common practice, a dentist has warned that people shouldn’t be doing this as it can damage your teeth.

Dental therapist Anna Peterson took to TikTok to warn people of the harm it can cause, and explained why.

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She explains in the video that’s since been viewed almost 40,000 times:


Did you know you shouldn’t brush your teeth after breakfast? Always before. There’s two reasons for this: when you eat breakfast, your mouth becomes acidic, so what you’re doing when you brush your teeth after breakfast is brushing the acid into the tooth and this wears away the enamel.

Anna continued, ‘And, brushing before breakfast protects your teeth from anything you’re going to eat.’

People have had a mixed response to Anna’s suggestions, with some stating they don’t want to eat a minty breakfast.

Meanwhile, someone else wrote, ‘Why does nobody tell you this. Never got told anything about personal care when I was at school.’


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Another person said, ‘I knew I was doing it right after all these years. Everyone I know does it after breakfast, joke’s on them.’

Others disputed Anna’s advice, however, and claimed that not all dentists agree with post-breakfast brushing being a must.


A Tiktoker wrote, ‘Not all dentists agree with this. Some dentists say it’s fine as long as you leave 30 minutes after eating/drinking.’

While it might be better for your teeth, I can’t help but find the idea of a minty cup of coffee quite unappealing.

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