Disgusting Moment Huge Amount Of Earwax Is Pulled From Woman’s Ear

Earwax Specialist

A video has emerged on YouTube that shows a woman having an enormous clump of earwax removed from her right ear.

The stomach churching video, uploaded by YouTube channel Earwax Specialist, shows a doctor carefully easing the wax from the woman with an ear scoop.

The wax itself appears to be painfully hard and tough in texture, wedged deeply in the unlucky lady’s ear.

Nothing is known about the woman in question, but she now has one of the most famous ears on the internet after this grotesque footage was watched by well over 3.5 million shocked yet enthralled viewers.

Earwax Specialist

The woman had complained of deafness as well as pain and discomfort when the doctor stepped in to investigate…

It was discovered that the ear wax build up was in fact a colossal formation of a fungal ear infection, known as otomycosis.

This icky infection is most commonly found in tropical climates, with prevalence peaking over the summer months.

Earwax Specialist

The footage begins with the doctor holding the woman firmly by the outer ear, all the while picking away at the tightly packed ball of wax.

The fungal debris begins to loosen as the doctor twists the instrument this way and that to manoeuvre it to the surface.

The top layer is crusty but once this is broken through there is a dense sludgy matter.  The doctor places the slug coloured gunk on a tray but is not done yet…

Earwax Specialist

After applying drops to her ear hole and dabbing it with cotton wool, the doctor goes in for round two, wrenching out yet another putrid piece of the thick wax.

After the initial fungal debris is finally scraped away, the doctor then performs ear wax suctioning, using hydrogen peroxide solution to soften the wax.  The sound of the medical instrument sucking at the inner walls of the unfortunate lady’s ear really does set your teeth on edge…

With the use of the ear wax suctioning, the doctor is able to reach the deeper regions of the ear, extracting a truly horrific white, gooey substance that nearly made me switch off the video altogether…

If you dare, then you can watch the full queasy procedure below: 

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As much as this is an uncomfortable watch, we can only imagine the sheer relief of the extremely patient woman after having this absolutely foul fungus removed.

As one astute YouTube commenter noted: ‘I bet she can hear a fly fart now’.

Much like pimple popping, some people find earwax removal videos oddly satisfying. If you are such a person, then check out the YouTube channel Earwax Specialist for more extreme extractions.