Disturbing Footage Shows Insane Effects Of Long Term Cocaine Use

The Doctors/Universal Pictures

The terrifying effects that cocaine can have on your heart have been revealed in a gruesome video.

The shocking footage shows the heart, outside of the body, still beating due to the illegal stimulant.

As well as beating independently of the body, the heart in The Doctors’ video is about three times the size of a normal heart.

Here is the shocking video…

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The damage done to the heart with cocaine use is irreversible, it was explained on The Doctors, an award-winning programme on CBS.

Dr Travis Stork, the host, said:

This is a video of a human heart beating erratically outside the human body, that’s not normal.

The heart should be the size of your fist and when it gets to three times the size, that is going to cause long-term problems and also early death.

This is why doing drugs not only does long-term damage but can cause instantaneous death.

Dlated cardiomyopathy often causes the heart to become enlarged because it is having to pump harder than usual due to the cocaine.

If your heart is enlarged in this way, it can become stretched, leaving it unable to pump blood around the body efficiently and can lead to heart failure.