Doctor Shares Quick Test That’ll Show If You’re Sleep Deprived

by : Cameron Frew on : 30 Apr 2021 11:59
Doctor Shares Quick Test That'll Show If You're Sleep Depriveddr.karanr/TikTok

Feeling knackered? A doctor on TikTok has shared a quick test to find out if you’re sleep deprived.

Tiredness is a daily constant for many people, whether it’s stress, insomnia, not eating well, staying up too late on your phone or just the strain of life itself wearing you down – especially over the past year.


Some people cope with less sleep better than others, but it’s entirely possible they’ve just learned to live with the perennial fatigue. Of course, there’s a difference between feeling a bit tired and being sleep deprived. Fortunately, there’s a speedy way to find out.

Dr Karan Raj has more than 3.4 million followers on TikTok. Up and down his feed, he’s shared loads of educational videos discussing cool medical facts and tips for better mental and physical wellbeing.


In a video published earlier this month, he asks his followers to take a sleep deprivation test. ‘Are you sleep deprived? If you’re not sleeping enough, you’ll experience very short blackouts called microsleeps and these can make you miss things right in front of your eyes,’ the doctor explains.

The test revolves around a picture of a busy street; buildings in the background, cars on the road, people trying to use the pedestrian crossing. As the doctor speaks, the picture changes in different ways, which you’re likely to notice – however, did you clock all the differences?

dr.karanr/TikTok dr.karanr/TikTok

He asks: ‘Did you see the bus changing colour, or the disappearing buildings, or the kid running towards the street?’ I’ll be honest, I only noticed the bus changing colours on my first watch.


The doctor continues: ‘If you need an alarm clock to wake you up in the mornings, or fall asleep within five minutes of getting into bed, or need coffee/energy drinks to keep you awake in the day, you might want to spend more time in bed.’

As someone who definitely stays up too late, falls asleep instantly and relies on a combination of coffee and energy drinks during the day, I guess I’m sleep deprived.


Unsurprisingly, with more than 3.5 million views, quite a few others are too. ‘I guess we’re all just sleep deprived huh,’ one user wrote. ‘Not me watching this at 2am,’ another commented, with Dr. Raj replying: ‘Save it and watch later. Sleep!’

Others have blamed school for their tiredness, with one writing: ‘Being a student = sleeping 0%.’ The doctor replied: ‘Needs change. Later start times to accommodate everyone.’

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Dr. Karan Raj/TikTok
  1. Dr. Karan Raj/TikTok