Doctors Hit Back At WAP Critics Confirming Lubricated Vaginas Are ‘Good And Healthy’

by : Julia Banim on : 12 Aug 2020 12:13
Doctors Hit Back At WAP Critics By Confirming Lubricated Vaginas Are 'Good And Healthy'Cardi B/YouTube

WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion has had many women cheering along this week, with its celebration of the very normal – yet all too under-discussed – bodily function of female lubrication.

Colloquially known as ‘getting wet’, a well-lubricated vagina allows an aroused women to feel comfortable during penetrative sex, reducing friction and irritation.


As many women will know, the very common problem of vaginal dryness can lead to painful intercourse and can be a source of great discomfort and frustration. But despite its importance, ‘wetness’ is usually only spoken about quietly, kept firmly inside a person’s knickers so to speak.

WAPCardi B/YouTube

Enter WAP, a joyful, exuberant championing of all things ‘wet-ass p*ssy’, with lyrics such as ‘It’s goin’ in dry and it’s comin’ out soggy’ and ‘Now get your boots and your coat for this wet-ass p*ssy’.

To be honest with you, I’ve got the song firmly stuck in my head, and am really hoping it doesn’t seep out at inopportune moment. But I also genuinely feel really cheered by it, and the conversations it’s raised about female pleasure.


Now, we’re well used as a society to male musicians alluding to the size and prowess of their own genitals, but it’s rare we get the female equivalent on this. And so if two women want to sing loudly and proudly about making ‘that pull-out game weak’, all power to them.

However, it would appear that some people have felt a little uncomfortable about WAP, with American conservative commentator Ben Shapiro having been widely mocked for his woeful misunderstanding of the female anatomy.

WAPJulia Banim

Taking to Twitter, Shapiro decided it was a good idea to put the following thoughts out into the world:


As I also discussed on the show, my only real concern is that the women involved — who apparently require a “bucket and a mop” — get the medical care they require.

My doctor wife’s differential diagnosis: bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or trichomonis [sic].

Shapiro’s remarks have widely been regarded as a rather cringey own goal, in much the same vein as the poor bloke on Twitter a while back who openly admitted he had ‘yet to meet a woman who enthusiastically engages in sex’.

But sadly, Shapiro is not alone with his apparent concern over ‘wet-ass p*ssies’, which suggests there’s much more we need to do as a society to educate people about the realities of sex.

Just as with male erections, vaginal lubrication is not a medical condition, and isn’t something to feel gross or weird about. Indeed, as shown by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, a WAP can be a lot of fun.


Cardi B Hits Back After Candace Owens Threatens To Sue Her Over WAP Tweets

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Now medical doctors have come out to confirm – to the surprise of absolutely zero women – that having a WAP is ‘good and healthy’, and by no means a sign of something worrying.

Dr. David Grossman, a clinical and public health researcher, tweeted:

In my medical opinion, it’s normal—important even—for women to have a WAP. Vaginal lubrication is common and orgasm experience depends on the individual. We should not shame women who have WAP.

OB/GYN and author of The Vagina Bible, Jennifer Gunter, wrote:

I see so many women who have been mansplained by their partner that they are too wet. It’s medically incorrect, infuriating, heartbreaking, and harmful.

Thank you @iamcardib and @theestallion for that vagina celebration! Wish I could hand out these #WAP prescriptions.

As per Medical News Today, fluid from a woman’s cervix and secretions from her Bartholin glands – located at the entrance of the vagina – help keep a vagina lubricated, with Bartholin glands secreting extra fluid during arousal.

It’s very common to get occasional dryness down there, but those who regularly struggle with this issue should speak with a healthcare professional.

But whether your p*ssy is wet or not, you shouldn’t ever feel ashamed or be made to feel like there’s something ‘wrong’ with you. Listen to doctors, learn about your body and by all means, enjoy your WAP.

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