Doctors Reveal The Most Ridiculous Ailments In The Emergency Room


Doctors have a rough enough time treating their patients with legitimate ailments, without having to deal with ridiculous ploys from sick-note chasers.

Most of us with an aversion to clinical lighting and sharing the gross inner-workings of our bodies with a perfect stranger will put off going to see the doctor for as long as possible.

You know, until things are swelling and bursting and falling off and emitting a funny smell.


But not these guys. Nope, these guys – who are, for the most part, painfully ignorant – treat going into the emergency room like a picnic in the park.

Doctors everywhere have taken to Reddit to regale other medical staff (and the rest of the internet) with anecdotes about people who have come into the ER with the most ridiculous illnesses.

Like this guy, whose doctor smelt a fish when the patient told him the problem:


And this guy who mistook his phone for a qualified doctor:


One height-ist parent had to be ushered from the ER after presumably causing his child significant embarrassment and life-long trauma:


The conversation between this exasperated doctor and his befuddled patient must’ve been electric:


This rather rash woman made a perfectly innocent mistake:


Sometimes parents are allowed to be hypochondriacs, okay:


…And other times not so much.


It’s easy to understand why doctors can get impatient (ahem) when they have to deal with these every day:


It must be tough, especially when some patients are so full of shit:


Saying that, some of the stories are a sad and damning comment on society, though:


…And this story teaches doctors that there’s no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to patients’ health:


Despite being a valid medical complaint, this is just straight up animal cruelty:


I’m guessing most of these complaints have the doctors screaming ‘Kill me now’ too.

Think before you visit A&E people… Unless you’re bleeding profusely or, you know, having a severe allergic reaction, in which case go see your doctor and you could end up on this list of most horrific ailments doctors have seen instead.

Thumbs up.