Doctors Wade Into The ‘Pregnant Six-Pack’ Debate After It Goes Viral


Experts have warned of the dangers of keeping too fit during pregnancy after yet another expectant mother took to Instagram to show off her rock hard abs.

In light of the recent rise in ‘pregnant six-packs’, Sports nutritionist Dr Robert Silverman spoke to The Daily Mail about the dangers of working out while pregnant.

He warned that expectant mums who didn’t work out before should avoid working out during pregnancy, and that too much exercise could lead to a delay in the baby’s birth.

He added that pregnant women should decrease their work out intensity and warning signs of exercising too much could include not gaining any weight and ‘excessive fatigue during pregnancy’.

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The warnings come after a number of women took to social media to show off their pregnant abs, sparking controversy and raising concern.

Fitness model Chontel Duncan has a six-pack most of us only dream of – and she’s growing another human being inside her. But she’s making no apologies for her fit figure.

She said: “People think I’m harming my baby … and that I’m all about staying skinny and not nourishing my [baby]. I know it’s hard to believe that someone can carry a child the way I am, but in reality, a lot of women carry like me.”

And many women agree with her – including bikini model Sarah Stage and Texas fitness instructor Hannah.

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Although there are more doctors criticising than rooting for these six-pack mums, there are some that believe exercise during pregnancy is actually very beneficial.

Dr Artal, a professor and chairman at the department of obstetrics gynaecology at Saint Louis University, is one of them.

He said:

All women in pregnancy can benefit from exercise with very few exceptions.

I strongly believe that pregnancy is the best time to modify lifestyle and engage in physical activity, because women have more access to medical care in their pregnancy than any other time in their life.

Well, these mums look great, and I’m sure their babies are going to be super healthy.