Dr Pimple Popper Is Getting Her Own TV Show And It’s Even More Gruesome

Dr Pimple Popper

Everyone’s favourite pimple popping doctor is getting her own TV show and it’s going to be even more gruesome than her YouTube channel.

For those who don’t know Dr. Pimple Popper, (aka Los Angeles dermatologist Sandra Lee), she’s something of a YouTube sensation for her gross but satisfying vids, which show her popping pimples.

Now though, she’s moving from the web to the small screen with her own TV show called This Is Zit courtesy of TLC.

Lee addressed her popaholics on YouTube to tell them the news, saying:

Morning popaholics, it’s a beautiful day and you know what makes today extra special and extra beautiful? I have a big announcement to make.

There’s a new special premiering on Facebook Watch on the TLC channel and it’s called This is Zit.

And it’s behind the scenes footage of what I do in my office, how I go about doing it, more explanation about the type of the things I pop out. A lot of my favourite videos, my top pops and never before seen footage.

Dr Pimple Popper/YouTube

She went on to say there’d be special insights into her work and would include unseen pops.

The show will premiere on January 3 at 10pm on TLC.

The first episode will show Linda dealing with an epidermoid cyst, which pops up when the skin has ‘turned under and formed a little sac’.

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Despite her grisly vids, people lap up the oddly satisfying content and Dr Pimple Popper has over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel which has over one billion views to date.