Dr. Pimple Popper Removes ‘Growth’ That’s Actually Alive

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Mar 2018 20:37

I had thought I was un-shockable when it came to all things pus and protrusion related after having seen a worrying amount of Dr. Pimple Popper videos.


However, it seems just when I have grown a thick enough skin to grimace and squirm my way through her gruesome pickings and pluckings; she unleashes an extra dollop of grimness.

Dr. Lee’s latest itch-inducing offering is particularly distinctive as the growth is actually alive and kicking.

Yup. Get ready for the unique shudders you can only get when combining good old fashioned pimple popping with many legged creepy crawlies.


Dr Lee gave her own personal take on a Spring message, and it probably won’t leave you feeling fresh as a daisy:

It’s springtime and April thru September are the most active months for ticks! And this reminds me of that patient I had a couple years ago who asked me to just take a quick glance at this ‘growth’ she had on her side that she noticed the other day…

If you live in an area where ticks live and thrive and you have been enjoying the outdoors please check your body closely for any of THESE. Ticks can spread Lyme and many other tick borne diseases that can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

The video itself takes things to a whole new level, even for Dr Lee. We are introduced to a familiar enough scene; Dr Lee’s gloved hand tweezing away at a patch of a patient’s skin.

The growth is bulbous and pale in colour, and there is the momentary feeling of relief when it is eased away from the flesh where it has been tightly wedged.

However, when Dr Lee places the growth on the side, a whole new horror awakens. The ‘growth’ begins to move and walk around, revealing itself to be much more than an unsightly pimple.

This was in fact a tick, grown well-fed and plump from dining on the patient’s blood. And if there was ever a scary story to keep you alert for ticks, this is it.


Instagram followers reacted with sheer terror to this living, scuttling pimple, with some describing it as ‘the stuff of nightmares.’

One person trembled, ‘I’m never going outside again’ while another hurled, ‘I legit just threw up.’

However, other commenters echoed Dr Lee’s severe and graphic warning about tick dodging.

One person said:

As someone who has had a tick-borne illness, I must say to y’all to pls exercise awareness and caution around ticks. i had RMSF and it is no joke. stay safe and aware.

Another reminisced:

ewww omg yes I remember that was awful and it was in my boob but it still hurt very bad


So make sure to check yourself this tick season (which sounds decidedly less fun than the festive season.)

Oh and if you feel your skin crawling right now, don’t just assume it is because you have been traumatised by this video…


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