Drinking Gin And Tonic Helps Reduce Hay Fever Symptoms


A glass of gin and tonic can ‘ease’ symptoms of hayfever, a study has found.

The season is upon us and I’ve seen some itchy eyes and runny noses starting to appear, so for those of you suffering, you might want to move aside those antihistamines and pour yourself a little G&T instead.

Although alcohol has been proven to worsen symptoms of hayfever and asthma in the past, Asthma UK has now revealed switching to a gin and tonic could be better for you compared to other drinks.


Why’s that? Well, symptoms are worsened because of two triggering chemicals found in certain alcoholic drinks – histamine and sulphites.

These chemicals are commonly found in darker, fermented drinks such as red wine and beer.

Asthma UK suggest if you’re going to drink alcohol, you should stick to clear spirits such as gin and vodka because they have a ‘relatively low histamine content’.


Due to its distillation process, gin doesn’t contain any sulphites (unless the brand chooses to use them, so look at the label).

Also – what you’re eating may be making your hayfever symptoms worse. Foods such as cured, smoked and tinned meats including bacon, salami and tuna are usually high in histamine.

And – this is mildly upsetting – so are cheeses, like Stilton, cheddar, Camembert and parmesan. So you’re advised to go for fresh meat and fish with cheeses such as ricotta and mozzarella.


It’s important to remember, while G&T won’t completely cure your hayfever, it’s simply the ‘best option’ and will help reduce the symptoms.

Like we needed an excuse.

If you’re a big gin fan, you might be interested to know Gordon’s gin has announced some new flavours in time for summer.

One of the new bottles is Premium Pink, which was inspired by an original Gordon’s recipe from 1880.


On the My Offers website, the description reads:

250 years of experience combining pure distilled grain spirit and rich botanicals have made Gordon’s Gin a success all over the world, the perfect tipple for those moments filled with friends, laughter and gin and tonics. TestersKeepers has a delicious opportunity open to review the new flavoured gins by Gordon’s.

The new flavoured gins include the following products: Gordon’s Premium Pink, inspired by an original Gordon’s recipe from 1880, and made using only the highest quality ingredients and natural flavourings. The Premium Pink gin is perfectly crafted to balance the refreshing taste of Gordon’s with the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, with a tang of red currant served up in a unique blushing tone. This flavour was created to offer a sweeter and more accessible way to enjoy a gin and tonic.

Gordon’s Sloe Gin, a wonderful tipple that marries the dryness of Gordon’s with cassis sweetness. First launched in 1908, this new version has brought the flavour back to life. Taste notes include raspberry jam, cloves and piney menthol, hints of figs, cinnamon, stewed fruits and sweet almond.

Gordon’s with a spot of elderflower combines the delicate taste of elderflower with Gordon’s London dry gin for a delicious twist on a great British classic. Mix it with tonic over ice and garnish with lemon or lime, or add couple of strawberry halves to the mix to bring out its delicate taste.


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