Eddie Hall Shares Incredible Transformation Photos And He Looks Jacked As F*ck

eddie hall lifting weights@eddiehallwsm/Instagram

Alright, so Eddie Hall wasn’t messing around when he said he was looking to shed a bit of weight and get more toned.

Alas, Hall, who may be the most jacked person I’ve ever seen, has shown followers of his Instagram just how much he’s been hitting the gym.

It was only recently the guy announced he was training to become a boxer.

He even uploaded a video of one of his sparring sessions, liable to strike the fear of God into any normie.

In a new post, Hall wrote of his progress:

170.1kg to 163.8kg — 16 weeks!!!! Iv dropped 6kg of fat and actually put on 1/4kg of muscle all in 16 weeks. [sic]

This is a realistic approach to dieting, iv pretty much eaten the same foods and just swapping a few of those puddings for healthy yoghurts. [sic]

I swapped my workout drink from standard BCAAs to a product called Oblivion ☄️ it’s is a pure protein drink that’s easily absorbed during training. [sic]

It’s been tough as iv been travelling a lot and doing endless hours of work but I’ve tried my best and done everything I can to change my life for the better. [sic]

I’m feeling great and intend on staying above 160kg and getting even leaner. I’m on an journey and I encourage you to join me. [sic]

Boy I’d love to, but I enjoy kebabs and sleeping in too much to ever reach the levels of swoledom Eddie has.

By the way, here’s the boxing video:

Talking about the his life away from World’s Strongest Man, he told The Malestrom back in June:

For me being the World’s Strongest Man I had to compete at such a huge bodyweight, so 32 stone.

To go after another title and maintain that bodyweight and potentially get even bigger and stronger was such a huge risk to my life, not just my health, my life. I feel like that risk outweighed the return.

So for that reason it’s so easy for me to say, you know what, I achieved my dream, I’ve won World’s Strongest Man, I’ve done what I needed to do in the sport and I’m walking away a champion and also I’m capitalising on the win.

He added:

The missus is happy I’m taking a step back from strongman, but it’s swings and roundabouts, I’m just as busy now, in fact busier than I was before, but it’s on my terms, I can work when I want, I don’t have to be forced to do anything.

And I’ve had a holiday, a family holiday, the first f*cking one in eight years. [sic]

If I want a day off I’ll cancel something and have a day off. Yes, I’m busier than I ever was but it’s for a very good reason, It’s setting my whole family up for a great future and I’m very proud to be able to do that.

Keep doing you, Eddie. You’re probably the only bro who can.

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