Expert Dietitian Reveals This Comfort Snack Is The Ideal Pre-Race Meal


An expert dietitian has revealed a nutritional tip straight from deepest, darkest Peru.

As any fitness buff will tell you, the work that you do in the gym, or the miles that you run in the park go hand-in-hand with what the food that you consume – in fact diet can generally be the toughest part of a regime.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, Adele Hug -a Macmillan Cancer support dietitian- is championing the value of marmalade sandwiches.

According to Hug eating one sandwich made up of two 50g slices of white bread, 15g of butter and 30g of marmalde two to four hours before exercise will provide the perfect fuel, while avoiding indigestion.

Hug said:

Some may think a fried breakfast will give you more calories or lots of wholegrains and fibre will give you slow release energy, but both fat and fibre may cause tummy upsets, which no one wants on race day.

Instead, a marmalade sandwich is the ultimate breakfast for someone taking on the London Marathon, or any long run, because of its quick release carbohydrates, low fat and low fibre.

She added:

This creates a pre-Marathon meal to help generate enough quick-hit fuel for the duration and we’d certainly encourage our Team Macmillan runners to give it a go.

It would seem that fictional teddy bear was onto something, after all.

Hug also recommends washing down the meal with a 200ml glass of smooth orange juice.

Apparently this 380-calorie intake offers 54 grams of quick-release carbohydrates which is easily digested and could give you the edge you need.

Simple and apparently effective!