Fans Concerned About Tara Reid’s Health After Bikini Pics Go Viral


Tara Reid has been spotted chilling out on a Mexican beach, soaking up some winter sunshine.

Wearing a grey hoodie draped over a blue bikini, the 42-year-old American Pie actress looked relaxed and happy as she sipped beer and chatted with friends on Thursday in the gorgeous coastal town of Tulum.

However, fans were concerned by her slim figure with some suggesting – yet again – she could have an eating disorder.

Weighing in at a very slight 95 pounds, Tara’s body has often been the subject of scrutiny and she has previously had to deny claims she is anorexic.

One fan tweeted:

Well, I’m not going to comment meam [sic] things about her body, even because she denied having an eating disorder.

But still looks like it to me, anyways…. I hope she’s happy and healthy physically and mentally.

Another commented: ‘Mate Tara Reid looks ill af tbh’.

Tara has previously hit back at eating disorder claims in an interview with the Daily Mail, where she described her 6.5 stone (43kg) body as just being her ‘natural weight’.

Here Tara stated:

I am not anorexic. I have never been anorexic and I don’t have an eating disorder.

People have been calling me painfully thin for years……It’s the same weight. I don’t fluctuate – it’s just who I am. I do eat.

I eat all the time. But this is just my natural weight and people need to leave me alone

She also spoke about how she is watched closely by people while eating out in public:

They stare at me, they watch everything I do – especially in a restaurant. If I eat, what I eat. I can hear them gossip about me,

Sometimes, I want to be like, ‘Shut up! I do eat. Watch, here’s me eating a burger — want to take a picture of it?’ And I don’t. I say nothing but it eats me up inside.

Although she admitted to having had a fuller figure during her early American Pie days – where she played Victoria ‘Vicky’ Lathum – she insisted this was down to her bad eating habits and drinking beer.

Watch Tara talk about the intense scrutiny she has faced since rising to fame at an early age in the following clip:

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The Sharknado star has several films in production, including an exciting sounding thriller project where she will star alongside screen legend John Travolta.

She has been doing plenty of travelling recently, which has also included a Christmas trip to South Africa where her phone was unfortunately stolen.

She kept fans updated with the disaster over Twitter, tweeting ‘Sorry to all my Twitter fans my phone got stolen Africa thank god I have a back up’.

Her adventurous break also included a three-day safari: ‘I’m leaving for a Safari today we will be gone for 3 days then Cape Town I hope my pics will work but I really miss you all’.

Heres hoping Tara’s 2018 will be a good one, and that she can maintain her positivity.