Florida Man Nearly Kills Himself Putting A Screwdriver Up His Rectum

Florida Man Nearly Kills Himself Putting A Screwdriver Up His RectumAnnals of Medicine and Surgery

A Florida man nearly died after putting an 8in screwdriver up his bum and leaving it there for a week. 

Doctors shared the bizarre case in a report published in the Annals of Medicine and Surgery journal, in which they explained the man sought emergency help after suffering with abdominal and pelvic pain for a week.

The 46-year-old’s medical history showed he had suffered with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and he failed to take medication properly.

Man nearly dies after putting screwdriver up bumAnnals of Medicine and Surgery

The man suffered life-threatening septic shock as a result of bacteria from the screwdriver that had got into his bloodstream, but medics did not find the cause of his issues until they performed a CT scan and saw a foreign object in the man’s rectum, according to the report.

Doctors quickly realised it was a screwdriver measuring 8.2in long by 1.1in wide (21cm x 3cm).

There were clear signs the man’s bowel was damaged, so doctors gave him antibiotics and rushed him into the operating theatre, however initial attempts to remove the tool proved unsuccessful.

The screwdriver was too big and hardened faeces prevented surgeons from getting to the metal object, so doctors were left with no choice but to slice into the man’s abdominal cavity to investigate further.

See the screwdriver below – Warning: Graphic Content:

Screwdriver man put into his bum and left for a weekAnnals of Medicine and Surgery

Surgeons discovered the metal end of the screwdriver had made a hole in the man’s large intestine and pierced the buttock muscle, damaging tissue between his penis and anus.

After successfully removing the foreign object, they sewed the hole back up and drained fluid from a large abscess in the 46-year-old’s right buttock.

Despite the successful surgery, the man did not become stable for two days, and he had to be kept on an IV drip in intensive care to fight off his septic shock.

To save the Florida man’s life, doctors performed an ileostomy, in which his bodily waste was rerouted from his intestines to a bag outside his body.

The man’s ordeal still wasn’t over, however, as the wound on his bum started to rot, so surgeons had to operate again to get rid of the dying flesh.

After two weeks, doctors said the injured man was ‘doing well’ so they planned an ostomy reversal to rid the man of the bag for his waste.

In the report, they added:

The patient recovered and was discharged to Behavioral Health for inpatient treatment of his psychiatric disorders.

X-ray of screwdriver man put up his bumAnnals of Medicine and Surgery

Though the case is certainly unusual, Dr Youssef Shaban, who led the writing of the article, said it is not entirely unique. He noted two previously documented cases in which screwdrivers were discovered in the colon, one of which was in 1861. It’s unclear when the second case was.

Dr Shaban explained the most common reason for ‘anal foreign body insertion’ is sexual pleasure, though the 46-year-old has not explained why he put the screwdriver in his bum in the first place.

The Florida man has since needed treatment for psychiatric disorders.

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