France To Offer Free Birth Control To Women Up To Age 25

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 09 Sep 2021 18:33
France To Offer Free Birth Control Up To Age 25PA Images

Free birth control is set to be offered by France to all those who are under 25 and require it. 

In an announcement made today, September 9, Health Minister Olivier Veran declared that as of next year, France will be offering free birth control to all women up to the age of 25.


Veran also stated that the plan would include free medical visits about such contraception. The decision will come into action from January 1, 2022.

 25 May 2021, Berlin: Above a calendar, a woman takes the next pill from the monthly pack of the contraceptive pill. The birth control pill went on sale in Germany 60 years ago.- Annette Riedl/DPA/PA ImagesPA

Up until now, all contraceptive methods in France were free for girls up to the age of 18 and abortions were free for all women and girls.

However, earlier this year, protests took place around International Women’s Day in Paris at Republique Square, raising awareness around women’s rights, which could have impacted the decision to raise the age of free contraception to 25.


While he did not cite specific data, Veran told France-2 television that young women appear to be using contraception less, AP News reports. He attributed this to financial reasons, impacted by the fact the state health care system in France covers some, but not all, of the costs of birth control.

Veran stated:

It’s intolerable that women aren’t able to to protect themselves, aren’t able to use contraception if they make that choice, because it would cost too much.


According to Veran, the new plan will cost about 21 million euros (around $25 million) each year for the French government. Contraceptive methods for men were not addressed by the Health Secretary.

In Britain, women receive all contraceptive methods for free. However, some European countries such as Spain offer free contraceptive pills but subsidize other types of contraception for women.

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    France to offer free birth control to all women up to 25