Franklin From My Wife And Kids Is Absolutely Stacked Now


You can’t forget the adorable relationship between the high-functioning seven-year-old Franklin and the cute Kady in My Wife and Kids.

Franklin, played by Noah Gray-Cabey, was small and mighty, outwitting kids and adults alike in the sitcom.

Well his talent and intelligence was not just an act, and Noah has gone on to study at Harvard University… oh yeah, and he’s absolutely stacked now.


Perhaps small man syndrome got him, but he has been going to the gym a lot, posting photos of his muscle gains.

It doesn’t look like he’s taking himself too seriously though!

Gym Rule no. 1: never trust a fart while lifting. #smellybench #gym

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His on-screen girlfriend Kady, played by Parker McKenna Posey, has also changed a lot since the show.

It makes me feel so old to see these two so grown up!


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Parker went on to appear in Disney Channel’s iCarly and a few TV movies.

#fbf #takemeback #jamaica ??

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She also seems to be trying her hand at some modelling…

Noah continued his acting career, appearing in CSI: Miami, Grey’s Anatomy, and Heroes, but is getting his head down and focusing on his studies.

My Wife and Kids re-runs will never be the same now.