Guy Coughs Up Something That’ll Make You Want To Quit Smoking Right Now



As the NHS step up their research into whether cannabis should become available for medical use in the UK, it’s probably best they don’t see this…

Footage has emerged of the moment a guy takes – admittedly a pretty serious – drag on a blunt and is hit with a consequence that no one, least of all him saw coming, reports the Daily Star. 

The short clip – reportedly filmed in Tacoma, Washington State starts with the guy  taking a puff from what is alleged to be a pure weed ‘blunt’.

It quickly looks like he’s overindulged slightly as he immediately begins coughing and spluttering. Just as it seems like it’s becoming uncontrollable something pretty  disgusting happens.

The dude coughs up a giant bubbly sack of phlegm that bursts all over him. Grim.

If that’s not an advert for quitting smoking then this probably is:


One cigarette can reduce our life by about 11 minutes! In this…

Posted by MEDspiration on Friday, July 1, 2016

Recently a group of scientists have shown what smoking just 20 cigarettes can do to your lungs. The perfectly healthy pair of lungs soon turn browny-grey as they are injected with smoke.

On the plus side, if you do quit, your sense of smell and taste will be improved after just two days, shortness of breath after nine months and after a year of giving up your risk of heart disease will have dropped by half.

Personally I like those numbers…