Guy Finally Gets 30-Year-Old Cyst Popped And It Explodes

Man pops 30-year-old cystViralHog

Imagine having a 30-year-old itch which you just couldn’t scratch until now. Now replace ‘itch’ with ‘cyst’ and ‘scratch’ with ‘pop’.

That’s exactly what you get in the video below of a man who finally gets to pop a 30-year-old cyst which has been festering on his back.

I’m not going to lie, this is pretty gross. I couldn’t even make it halfway through the video without wanting to do a little vomit in my mouth. When the cyst finally pops it comes streaming out like it was ketchup out of a bottle, proper eye-watering stuff. If you’re eating anything please put it aside before clicking play on the video.

Brace yourself, this won’t be pretty:

Damn, that was nasty as hell. Did you see all the pus seeping out? It’s enough to make me quit the internet for good. Well 30 years is a long time to to keep hold of anything, cysts included. That’s way too long to be walking around with something like that, in my humble opinion.

My only question, other than ‘Why have you been carrying that cyst for so long?’ is ‘Why now?’ What has changed in those 30 years where you’ve thought ‘Hmmm, you know what? I don’t want this cyst anymore, let’s pop it. We’ll film and put it on the internet too’.

Don Pederson, from Kelowna, BC, Canada, says he convinced his friend to pop his 30-year-old cyst and even offered the services of his daughter to perform the procedure.

man pops 30-year-old cystViralHog

Don stated:

A good friend of mine had a cyst on his back for 30 years. My daughter took the liberty to lance and drain this disgusting critter.

Shoutout to Pederson for his sterling ‘father of the year’ moment [sarcasm].

man pops 30-year-old cystViralHog

Our editorial department loves nothing more a good old cyst-popping, especially if said cyst has been around for a long time. If you search the word ‘cyst’ in our search bar you’ll find a whole day’s worth of videos. It’s a literal goldmine, a mine of pus that is.

Just yesterday we wrote about a man who had his 25-year-old cyst cut out. The cyst, which had been growing on the back of Bristol man, Dave Andrews, was popped and captured in what can only be described as repulsive footage.

The video, which was taken on June 24 at Dave’s home, shows his daughter Kerry, tackling the cyst with some kind of scalpel.

Enjoy the viewing content you sick people

Personally, I wouldn’t advise doing a DIY procedure on a cyst, it doesn’t appear to be the best, or most hygienic way, to get rid of a pus-filled lump.

Once the cyst is empty, *is sick in mouth*, Kerry jokes to her father: ‘You’ll need a tummy-tuck now… you’ve got loose skin.’

The popping of the monster spot had to be done at home, says Andrews, due to a change in NHS policy.

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Honestly the fact you’ve gotten this far down the article means two things, you skipped past tall of the pus-related content or you’ve watched both videos and you want to watch more. If it’s the latter, you might have some issues.

I’m logging off the internet for the rest of the day.

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