Guy Finds Loophole To Sell Weed ‘Legally’, Pisses Off Local Police


A creative entrepreneur may have hit on the greatest business idea in the history of mankind, selling simple plastic baggies along with some complimentary weed.

The savvy business man, known as Corey, has been using a hilarious (don’t do drugs kids) loophole in Massachusetts’ law to sell plastic bags, which are full of complimentary marijuana, on the website Craigslist.

You see, according to The Vancouver Starit’s perfectly legal to grow and possess marijuana but you can’t sell it. What you can do though is gift it to someone as long as it’s less than one ounce.


Corey has been abusing this loophole to sell plastic bags for between $20 to $325 along with varying amounts of free weed as a present for the lucky buyer.

His ads read:

Disclaimer: I am selling you an empty bag. Marijuana placed in that empty sandwich bag is simply a legal gift, not connected in anyway, to any sales.

It’s one of those genius ideas that sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately for Corey it is.


According to Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan, Corey’s business is in fact illegal for several reasons, the first being that spending hundreds of dollars on a baggie is ridiculous and could be classed as fraud.

Sullivan was also quick to point out that while gifts of marijuana are fine they’re not allowed to be advertised to the public, according to the law.

Not that Corey gives a shit as he claims the police are far too busy chasing real criminals to stop his small scale baggie empire as it would be a massive waste of resources.


Masachusetts has delayed the opening of legal marijuana outlets until at least mid-2018, following a vote by lawmakers in December which has sparked outrage from drug advocates.

Several other businesses have adopted Corey’s business model to combat the new law.