Guy Gets Ripped After Long-Term Girlfriend Cheats On Him

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A guy has got ripped sculpting the ultimate ‘revenge body’ after finding out that his long-term girlfriend had been cheating on him.

26-year-old Dwayne O’Connor from Derby lost an amazing three stone seven pounds and shed three quarters of his body fat when he discovered that his girlfriend of four years was having an affair.

At the time Dwayne was working as a fitness instructor but after finding out the secret he lost his love for both his job and exercise in general.

Body insecurities are something we can ALL relate too. It's not openly spoken about as often as it should and because of this sometimes we feel like we are alone. The world we live in is more shallow than EVER. Instagram, tinder and all rest,pretty much teach us that how you look is how you are valued, no matter if your interesting or funny. If you done look good, your not worth there time. For example If this was a hot girl with her bum ? in a thong this post would of gone viral ? Sad but true I can't remember a time when looking your best was more important than it is now. Guys taking steroids just to go clubbing in ibiza, girls snapping up there spines to try and look thick on camera ?? ? Here's what to do if you have body insecurities ? First of all it's completely normal to dislike parts of your body! I try and convince people to shy away from surgerys and taking drugs. Work on strength training to develop your muscles properly ⏺️Squats ⏺️deadlift ⏺️bench press Before you start "dieting" build a foundation, these lifts work so many muscles at the same time. So if you hate you arms, bum legs or stomach. All the muscles in those areas with get stimulated. Once few months have passed you can look into reducing food intake. Over time your bodyfat will be lowered revealing the new firmer muscle you have built in your "unflattering body area" ? Word of caution ? If you are going to make life style changes to improve your body make sure your doing it for you, and you alone. Don't go through all this effort to impress some one eles. If there not intrested in you for you tell them to take there ass back on tinder ?

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He spoke toThe Daily Mail how his transformation began saying:

It all started five years ago, I was a young man in a long-term relationship.

I was working as a local fitness instructor, I also played basketball regularly and lifted weights three times a week just to keep myself healthy and look decent.

My relationship was four years old at this point but just like most love stories it ended in heartbreak.

I came to realise my partner was having an affair and once I confronted her about the situation she posted her keys through the door and said it was over.

My confidence, pride and self-worth were at an all-time low. I stopped playing basketball and I even stopped going to the gym other than to go to work.

To cope with the break-up Dwayne turned to junk food and was soon piling on the pounds being ‘physically, mentally and emotionally at breaking point’.

After his friends helped him get back to the gym for a few sessions, Dwayne decided that enough was enough and decided to overhaul his lifestyle.

In just six months Dwayne lost three stone and seven pounds hitting the gym hard and reverting back to healthy eating.

He recalled:

I was still overweight, but I was lifting five times a week getting stronger all the time and most of all I was getting my confidence back.

Six months might seem fast but because I was a fitness instructor before the break up, I already had a few years of training behind me, so I had a decent amount of muscle already.

The motivation came from the lack of control I felt in my personal love life. When a situation happens like an affair there’s not much you can do about it. You just have to sit there and let it happen.

Currently preparing for his first ever fitness competition, the UKBFF Men’s physique division show, Dwayne offered advice to anyone who is hoping to follow a similar transformation to him.

He concluded:

When it comes to self-confidence and personal development every hour is an hour where you can do something to be better than you were the previous hour. Anybody can do it they just need to be structured and consistent, have faith and work hard.

I went on a journey looking for progression instead of perfection and that’s where I found balance. I’m much more comfortable within myself and I try to send that positivity out to others.

Inspirational stuff!