Guy Has Unbelievable Transformation Into Bodybuilder In Just Seven Months


An overweight guy has transformed himself into a bodybuilder just seven months after ditching his £140-a-week junk food habit.

Sebastian David, 28, from Burnley, was eating up to 5,000 calories a day in Greggs pasties, fry-ups and KFC chicken buckets, reports The Sun.

While his dad was suffering from a serious illness, Sebastian admits he didn’t cook a meal for himself for nine months – instead splashing out £20-a-day on takeaways.

But after his dad passed away, he vowed to start looking after himself and going to the gym.

He began hitting the gym daily while on a 3,300 calorie diet of oats, eggs and blueberries for breakfast, chicken, sweet potato and broccoli for lunch and salmon and white potatoes for dinner.

Under his strict new fitness and diet regime he dropped from 14 stone 6lb to just over 10-and-a-half stone and swapped his beer belly for a six-pack.

Within seven months of starting his workout regime, his physique was at competition level.

He was then encouraged to try out for bodybuilding competitions – he finished seventh – which led to a string of topless modelling jobs.

Sebastian said:

I have to confess, it’s strange being asked to model when I look at photos of myself from two years ago.

But I’m not complaining. It’s nice to get a bit of attention now and then.

In a way, getting fat was a good thing, because I wouldn’t be doing the stuff I am now without it.

Sebastian says he never set out to compete in bodybuilding or do modelling – just to get in shape, but he is now targeting a top-three finish at his second bodybuilding event in Belfast in May.

What an amazing transformation.