Guy Perfectly Shows What An LSD Trip Is Like


If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to trip on acid, but not actually risk taking a tab, you’re in luck.

YouTube channel AVI LSD have thoughtfully created a realistic interpretation of what it’s like to trip balls on LSD.

The channel’s host, simply known as Mike, explains that the video is only a replication of what it’s like to take 400 mg of LSD. It’s based on his and the video editor’s experience of doing acid and whilst we wouldn’t usually take words of someone on drugs as gospel, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Throughout the video we’re treated to some far out visuals, the most captivating being the 0:43-mark where it’s shot in what we can only assume is a field. The colour’s blend in, swirl and clash, it’s like you’re an real-life Damien Hirst piece.


At the end of the video Mike reiterates that they’ve tried to make it as realistic as possible but states that any individual experience is likely to differ for anyone who’s taken LSD.

So dear readers would you say this an accurate description of what it’s like to take acid – or has your experience been completely different?

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