Guy Shares ‘Free Immediate Cure For Depression And Anxiety’

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This man shared his advice on how to cure anxiety and depression ‘immediately’ and while this may not be the case, his tips could prove to be very helpful. 


Depression and anxiety affect a vast number of people across the globe and it’s certainly not something to be dismissed lightly.

Worryingly, one fifth of people in the UK live with a type of anxiety or depression, according to the Office for National Statistics and this number continues to grow.

Often people with depression and anxiety do not feel they have the motivation to tackle different tasks, even if they may be something that can offer them health benefits in the long run.

Reddit user Rob Cornellus combined the main points from the NHS programme Exercise Out Of Depression and decided to share his tips for free, on how to tackle these sorts of mental health problems.


He grouped the findings into different categories, which contribute to a ‘cure’:

release of “happy chemicals” in the brain, serotonin etc.

getting warm promotes feelings of relaxation

increased self esteem

added motivation and drive

time away from negative thoughts

physical relaxation from stretching etc

better physical function in the rest of our lives makes things easier

mindfulness / focus

better sleep

increased social interaction

increased time spent outdoors

setting and achieving goals

learning new skills

eating better

He also elaborated on how these different activities can help alleviate symptoms of these sometimes debilitating conditions.

His advice is as follows:



The theory exercise can help ease the symptoms of depression, has been knocking around for a long time, but with plenty of studies showing serotonin levels are increased after any form of activity, there must be some truth in the matter.

Rob wrote:


Not everyone experiences this regularly or consistently. It doesn’t have to be running or other cardio vascular exercise that causes the spike in serotonin. Lifting and other forms of exercise can have the same effect.

Relaxation from being warm

Rob was quick to point out it’s not about getting ‘hot and sweaty,’ but more channelling a ‘pleasant warm glow.’ He suggested relaxation comes from warmth, which in turn helps a person with mental health issues.

Self esteem

Rob stated many people living with depression and anxiety, often have self esteem and body issues alongside this. He suggested, seeing physical progress – perhaps of a weight loss for example – could be a big boost.


Again, the Reddit user stipulates exercise is the key, with people requiring ‘motivation, dedication and discipline,’ in order to push forward.

He said:


This can be applied to other areas of an individuals life as well as exercise. Exercise can show someone that they can overcome barriers and problems in their life and help provide tools to accomplish this.

Time away from negative thoughts

Those with depression often feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts, but again the tips Rob shared suggest exercise can help promote time away from this.

Relaxation from exercise


According to Rob’s tips, exercise involving relaxation, including Yoga and t’ai chi can help people achieve this state.

He added:

Many people report a mental relaxation when their body physically relaxes.

Better physical health

Rob’s tips claim if you have better levels of fitness, then your life becomes that bit easier to deal with.



An increased awareness of the body and living in the moment are all part of mindfulness, which is thought to help with depression and anxiety.

Improved sleep


Getting a good night’s sleep is linked with a person’s mental well-being, so Rob recommends physically tiring yourself out with exercise to help tackle mental health problems.



Rob states going to regular sports or gym classes can help to banish feelings of isolation, which are all linked with depression.

Spending more time outdoors

Getting outdoors and getting enough vitamin D are all important for dealing with mental health problems and a lack of these can make the problem worse

Setting and achieving goals

Rob suggests exercise orientated goals should be set so a person can see themselves making progress.

He adds:

 If a person can see they are making progress in one area of their life it is a boost in other areas of their life. Achieving a major goal is a massive boost to self esteem.

Learn a new skill


According to Rob’s tips, acquiring a new skill can help with depression and exercise is a great way to do so.

Have a healthy diet

Rob suggests exercise promotes a healthy lifestyle, so if a person overhauls their diet too, they may see some benefits, as poor diet is often linked with mental health problems due to a lack of nutrients.

While these may not work for everyone, some of them could be worth considering even if used as a way to get fitter and healthier in other aspects of your life.

Nice one Rob for sharing.

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