Guy Shoots Himself In The Arm, Doesn’t Notice For Days

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Not too long ago we ran a story on what it’s actually like to get shot, and as you’d probably expect, it doesn’t feel too pleasant. 

So you’d imagine if you accidentally shot yourself, you’d notice pretty much immediately right? Nope. Well, not in the case Michael Blevins anyway.

Michael Blevins is a 37-year-old guy from Deltona, Florida who was happily cleaning his gun late last week when his bad back gave out and he fell over and whacked his head on a nearby coffee table.

But that’s not all the misfortune Blevins had to endure on that fateful day. He also accidentally shot himself in the arm with his .22 calibre pistol without even noticing, reports The Independent.

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Apparently, he heard a gunshot go off when he fell but didn’t feel any pain. He only realised what had happened two days later, on Saturday, as he was changing shirts and noticed a pretty gnarly entrance and exit wound of the bullet.

It’s thought that the man may not have felt any pain due to the strong medication he was on to prevent his serious back pain.

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When Blevins was discharged from hospital, police deputies accompanied him to his home to examine the scene, before concluding that he had genuinely accidentally shot himself.

Crazy. Stay safe out there!