Guy’s Leg Bends The Wrong Way In Worst Gym Video You’ll Ever See


Once upon a time when my stomach was more a skinny mass of toned flesh than the hairy bubbly mess brought on by excessive Carling consumption it is now, I had a bad experience on the leg press.

My mind was stronger than my thighs and my energy levels were through the roof so I piled on the plates and smashed out a typical three sets of ten.

I felt great. ‘Add more weight, Pile it on’, the demon inside me roared. So I did. Thirty seconds later and everything was a blur – like I’d drank 30 pints or more with a dose of flu on the side.

I basically crawled home – but you know what? It’s fucking nothing compared to what this poor bastard went through.

Enter the anonymous gym guy who will certainly not be pumping iron for months to come.

Now little is known about the victim of this utterly barbarous failure – all that is known is that it most certainly hurt unfathomably.

Check it out below, but be warned – you will not be able to unsee this.

Yep – his left leg buckled and all of that weight pushed it all the way back – like a freight train ploughing through the frail branch of a tree.

Jesus wept.