Gym Instructor Makes Spin Class Do Baby Shark Workout

by : Julia Banim on : 28 Aug 2018 10:19
Gym class works out to Baby Shark.Gym class works out to Baby Shark.Activ Healthclub

Admittedly, I’m not the most enthusiastic gym user and secretly love it when I have a legitimate excuse to cancel my bodypump class.

However, perhaps I have just not yet found my gym tribe; my group with whom I can discover my inner toned goddess while having an absolute whale/shark of a time.


And could it be I would finally find a sweaty home with bunch of adult gym-goers who love nothing more than working out to playground ear worm, Baby Shark?

Since the very first human sprouted ears, kids have delighted in silly songs they can bop along to; the more nonsensical and surreal the better.

Back in my own primary school days, the aggravating tones of Barbie Girl and Mambo No. 5 filled the corridors; driving teachers to many a mid week pub crawl.


And then of course the birth of the customised Nokia ringtone brought adults further strife; with the gurning eardrum irritant Crazy Frog causing mayhem from blazer pockets everywhere.

Times may have changed, but the music tastes of the under tens have yet to improve and in recent years, kids have tormented their parents with the likes of Pen Pineapple Apple Pen and Gangnam Style.

And there is one song in particular which has baffled and perplexed adults in equal measure. Baby Shark is the brainchild of Pinkfong; a Korean YouTube channel which helps children learn through catch sing-along videos.


The song concerns a three-generational family of sharks, who are all hungry, and a little fish who is quite rightly urged to swim away from them.

It has since been watched 3.3 billion times, making it one of the top 40 most-viewed YouTube videos ever, and has eve sparked a controversial viral challenge where fans dance alongside moving cars while dressed as sharks.

And it isn’t just kids who have fallen under Baby Shark’s weird spell. Adults at a spinning class had the time of their lives when their gym instructor incorporated Baby Shark into their workout routine.


The video, shot at Activ Health Club in Belfast, shows the spin class members trying out the famous shark moves, while cycling away to their heart’s content. I can honestly say I have never seen smiles like this at any regular spin class.

The video has since gone viral, with exercise dodgers and devotees alike uniting in delight and amusement at this fun and alternative exercise class.

One person enthused, ‘finally found a class I’d be interested in!!’ while another remarked, ‘they are so happy, Humanity restored’.


However, others were furious at the sight of the blissed out exercise class, feeling enough was enough when it came to Baby Shark. Time to get the virtual harpoon!

One person fumed:

I truly will never understood why people like this f*cking annoying ass song. Are people just sheep at this stage it has become so popular they just trick themselves into liking it?

I can say with absolute honesty if I were in a fitness class and they put this cr*p on I would calmly and quickly head for the nearest exist and never return.

Another raged:

Enough already!!! Why does everyone take idiotic and annoying things like this and constantly play it over and over and over.

No one really likes this deep down inside!!!

So what do you think? Have people finally ‘jumped the shark’ with this trend? Or are you hungry for more?

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