Hampshire Man Drinks His Own Urine And Rubs It Into His Face As Moisturiser

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 20 Feb 2020 12:36
Hampshire Man Drinks His Own Urine And Rubs It Into His Face As MoisturiserNews Dog Media

Yep. You read the headline correctly. There’s a guy who drinks his own urine and uses it as moisturiser. Voluntarily. 

Harry Matadeen, 32, from Farnborough, Hampshire, first began the practice four years ago after reading about its health benefits.


He now drinks 200ml of his ‘aged urine’– which can be up to a month old – topped up with his fresh pee on a daily basis.

He also massages his own urine into his skin in the mornings, and claims that it is ultimate anti-ageing product. I think I’ll stick to my Clinique, thanks.

As a result, Harry apparently feels healthier, happier and smarter than ever before, as well as it curing his depression.


Harry says that pee is the most powerful medicine available.

He said:

Aged urine therapy is the art and science of collecting and storing one’s own urine in a bottle, allowing it to ferment by itself in a natural process, and then using that ‘aged’ urine as medicine to heal you, either through drinking it, massaging it into blood through the skin, or even in other ways like in an enema, an aged urine enema.

I started fresh urine therapy owing to not feeling physically healthy and depressed, it worked wonders in removing my depression just the fresh urine, but the aged urine was next level and the boost in energy was incredible! It’s made my brain feels sharper and my previous depression just went away.

Man Who Drinks His Own Urine And Rubs It Into His Face As MoisturiserNews Dog Media

Harry went on to add that apparently people are surprised to learn he’s 32-years-old, as they think he looks like he’s in his twenties – something which he thanks his pee for.

He added:

The reason is because I massage my own aged urine on my face a little every morning. It’s a top-end moisturiser and removes wrinkles and it has 2% urea in it which is the substance the best anti-ageing creams use. Have a look at the ingredients list of said products if you don’t believe me!

I’m not a vain person so looking younger doesn’t stroke my ego too much, but I do care about being healthy and full of energy, and aged urine gives me those things, for free no less. An endless supply of urine we all make to age! How cool is that!

Harry decided to give urine therapy a go in the summer of 2016 after feeling depressed and not feeling physically healthy. He immediately saw his health improve after drinking it.

Man Drinks His Own Urine And Rubs It Into His Face As MoisturiserNews Dog Media

It was through social media Harry learned about the even greater healing powers of drinking his aged urine – rather than the fresh stuff. Although he first struggled with the taste of his aged urine, Harry now loves it.

He said:

I soon learned from Facebook urine groups that there was something even more powerful than fresh urine. They called it ‘aged urine’.

Urine is considered aged at only 4 days old and each day after you let it sit and ferment naturally its power to heal you grows and grows.

After trying my aged urine, I felt an instant uplift in energy. I became obsessed with it and that’s an understatement. I never minded the taste of my own fresh urine. Aged urine admittedly wasn’t the most pleasant taste at first but I didn’t really care and grew to love it.

Man Who Drinks His Own Urine And Rubs It Into His Face As MoisturiserNBC

Nowadays, Harry drinks around 100-200ml of the stuff – which can be anything from a few weeks to a month old – and drinks it in ‘small sips’.

Since discovering the power of aged urine therapy, he has devoted his life to educating more people about it and has even published two books on the subject

Apparently Harry is happy to be known as ‘the guy drinking pee’.

While he swears by the stuff, I think I’ll stick to more traditional hydration methods.

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