Health Warning Issued As Red Sun Could Return Tomorrow


Weather forecasters have issued a health warning that we may be in for a second red sun spell tomorrow.

Unless you were stuck indoors all day yesterday playing video games you may have noticed effects of ex-Hurricane Ophelia tearing up through the country and the orange sun which came with it – thanks to dust blown in from the Sahara.

While it did make for a pretty sight and made everything look like a real life Instagram filter there was a certain sense of apocalyptic doom in the air.


Now it looks like the supernatural phenomenon could be returning tomorrow, with dust blowing in over the country from Iberia.

Even though ex-Hurricane Ophelia has weakened – it now has been downgraded to former hurricane status – remnants of the north African sand are still lingering and could potentially make its way up to the UK again, bringing another red sun moment.

However this time forecasters are predicting it will come from the winds picking up dust particles from the wildfires in Spain and Portugal.

Speaking to The Sun, Meteorologist Emma Sharples said:

There’s a chance that if there are still fires burning in Iberia then we could see the same thing happen.

This will depend on whether the fires are still burning and if the winds are blowing in this direction – but there is a chance we could see a bit of a red tinge to the sun tomorrow.


However with tomorrow’s forecast also predicting a cloudy day she added the visibility of the red sun will depend on the how clear the sky will be.

Along with fresh fears on an impending/long-overdue apocalypse there has also been fears for those with health issues – particularly those with asthma and the elderly. This is due to the thick blanket of dust swirling in the sky which can prove detrimental to those with breathing difficulties.

Sharples went on to say:

The particles are high up in the atmosphere – around 10,000 feet – which is why the sun appeared red in the sky.

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The devastating wildfires in Portugal and Spain are alleged to have been caused by arsonists. Furthermore the wildfire is believed to have killed at least 31 people.

Yesterday’s 80 mph storm hit the UK hard and forced Ireland to issue a national emergency. Two people died during the storm; a woman in her 70s was crushed by a falling tree, while a 30-year-old man died from a freak chainsaw accident as he was attempting to remove a tree knocked down by Ophelia.