Here’s How You Can Lose Weight Without Diet Or Exercise


What if I told you there was a weight loss stimulant out there that could help you shed pounds without doing any exercise or dieting whatsoever?

Oh and pretty much everybody in the Western World has access to it on a daily basis?

I’m pretty sure a lot of you would rush out to get it.

That wonder-drug is water. Plain, old fashioned, tasteless, non-carbonated, water. Just like it is from the tap. And scientists are just about realising how important it is when it comes to losing weight and how it affects our feelings of hunger.


A new study, which was presented to the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior earlier this week, has suggested that water plays a major role in losing weight, reports The Independent.

The study, which was conducted by researchers at Wageningen University, investigated 19 healthy men and gave them all a meal shake which was followed by either 50 millilitres of water (about a shot glass worth of water) or 350 millilitres of water (roughly the amount of a can of pop).

The scientists then looked at how the liquids affected the stomach and brain via an MRI scan.


Amazingly, they found that those who drank more water had a far more suppressed appetite than those who only had a gulp of water – and if that isn’t good enough, they also had greater brain activity.

Another study, investigating whether people would lose weight if they drank water before eating, found that if people were to drink 16 ounces — roughly two glasses – of plain water 30 minutes prior to eating they could lose between 5-9 pounds over the course of three months – not bad considering that’s without exercise or proper diet.


The reason for the weight loss is relatively simple: drinking water fills you up. If you drink two glasses of water before a meal, chances are you’re not going to be as hungry and will be less likely to devour every last bit of food in sight – and if you drink more water afterwards, you’re less likely to snack on something.

Personally – I’m definitely going to start drinking more water before meals.

300-spartali-1080p-izle-693Warner Bros.

If you’re expecting abs, glutes, and biceps like a Spartan then I hardly think drinking water 30 minutes before a meal alone is going to be much help in sculpting the body of an Adonis.

But as a nutritious and natural way of suppressing one’s appetite then it’s definitely a great health hack and aid to a healthy life.