Here’s The Upside To Having Bad Acne


When I was younger I was plagued by the teenage hormonal curse that is acne. 

My face looked like a pebbled floor or like a the top layer of an apple crumble – skin coated in lumps and bumps and pus filled sacks – it wasn’t the best time.

But fortunately I will live youthfully forever according to a new scientific study reported by indy100.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, found that the cells of acne-sufferers have their own protection system against ageing skin so that sufferers appear much younger when they get on in life.

Specifically, the study focused on 1,205 female twins – with a quarter of whom suffering from acne and the scientists found that the white blood cells belonging to those with spots had larger protective caps on the end of chromosomes.


Although it’s pretty scientific, the caps, which are known as telemeres, prevent certain chromosomes from deteriorating over time, which essentially means longer youthfulness.

Long story short – if you had acne, you’re having the last laugh, sort of.