Horrific Pictures Show Man’s Teeth After Drinking Six Litres Of Fizzy Drinks A Day


You know how they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well here’s a saying for you: not drinking six litres of fizzy pop a day will keep the doctor away from surgically removing 27 of your rotten teeth! 

32-year-old Michael Sheridan had been in constant pain for the best part of a decade thanks to his eroded gnashers.

Such was the extent of his discomfort, his diet solely consisted of yoghurt, Weetabix, soup and SIX LITRES of fizzy pop. Solids were not an option. God only knows what things looked like downstairs!

Thank God he met Dr David Murnaghan through a shared interest in water polo. When he saw the kip of Sheridan’s teeth he offered him free implants.



He said, according to the Irish Mirror:

I knew his teeth meant a serious threat to his health. He couldn’t chew his food properly, he couldn’t bite into a sandwich like most people and he was in pain every day.

The Government is not pushing that side of health education currently, it’s more about alcohol and smoking, but oral health is very, very important and many Irish people don’t go to the dentist enough for regular checks.


Sheridan said:

I used to keep my teeth hidden and talk as little as possible to people.

If I was out with friends, I’d sit further back when talking because I was conscious of my bad breath.

The kids in the family started noticing my teeth so I went back into my shell even further.


He added:

I was addicted to them. I’d drink six litres or more a day – whatever I could get my hands on.

I always had a bottle of minerals in my hand.

I was two hours in the chair under local anaesthetic. It was uncomfortable but not that painful. I’ve been walking around in constant pain for 10 years, so this was nothing.

I know what you’re thinking – grim! Take this story as a reason not to drink six litres of fizzy pop a day!