Human Ken Doll Told His Nose ‘Could Turn Black And Fall Off’


Rodrigo Alves has been dubbed the human Ken doll and it’s easy to see why – however his lifetime of plastic surgery is beginning to take its toll.

Appearing on an episode of E!‘s classic, Botched, which is set to air tomorrow – Rodrigo revealed that he can no longer breathe through his nose after getting three rhinoplasties in little over a year.

Shockingly, Dr Paul Nassif who tends to Rodrigo in the episode can’t even have a look at his nostrils with his otoscope as they’re too tight, reports E!

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Worryingly for Ken, his excessive surgery means that if he gets any more jobs done there is a ‘high possibility’ his nose will ‘turn black and simply fall off’.

How so? After dozens of ops, the tissue in Rodrigo’s nose is apparently so badly damaged it will die if any more work is done.

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While he awaits his diagnosis from Dr. Nassif, Rodrigo says:

I feel like crying right now. I’m holding back not to cry, because I’m actually extremely worried. That’s why I’m here.


Unfortunately, however, it’s not good news – with Nassif dropping the bombshell on him that he’s almost entirely destroyed the tissue in his nose.

But the worst part – it isn’t just Rodrigo’s nose that’s been worked on. He’s also had a face, neck and eye lift, silicone implants which look like six-pack abs, and he’s debating getting risky surgery to change the colour of his eyes.

Moral of the story – try and be happy with what you’ve got naturally and if you are going to get jobs done, don’t overdo it. It could cost you more than just money.