Hunter Reveals How To Get Gladiator Ripped In Weeks


If you were alive in the nineties then you will no doubt recall the essential Saturday night viewing that was Gladiators.

The ITV classic showcased some of the fittest men and women of the era, pitting contestants against them in feats of strength, skill, plus a lot of travelator action.

One of the show’s favourite’s Hunter, or James Crossley, is still training like a beast, and he has shared the routine he followed to enter the arena in prime condition.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Crossley explained:

During the build-up to Gladiators I trained twice a day.

The first workout was strength and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) – a mixture of weights and sprints or explosive movement.

The second workout was as close as I could create to the individual Gladiator events.

This would include indoor climbing with ankle weights for The Wall, pushing cars around a car park for Atlaspheres and boxing with my feet tied together for Duel.

He continued:

We actually only had two days to practice on all the events when we were rehearsing in Birmingham, the filming was all done in three weeks, so if you didn’t do your homework you wouldn’t improve.

The 43-year-old’s goals have understandably changed a lot since the show ended back in 2000, and bodybuilding is no longer his primary concern.

He explained:

Now I just train for strength and flexibility.

I work out with weights four times per week for one hour. I do a lot of events training like Yoke, Atlas Stones and Farmers Walk once a week. Finally I do yoga two times per week for 60 minutes.

For anyone looking to make a significant change to their lifestyle and physique, Crossley believes it is possible to transform in just three months.

His advice…:

Weight training combined with HIIT combined and proper nutrition is all you need. Make sure you have a clear high stakes goal to aim for, that will make the difference between you sticking to it or falling off the rails.