If You Bought Marijuana Stocks On 4/20 Three Years Ago You’re Now Very Rich


If you were baked enough to invest in the Marijuana stock market on 4/20 back in 2014, you would be seeing sky high returns right now.

It’s a shaky wave to ride, but investors in the US cannabis stock market would have reaped a 31% return on their portfolio, and had they only picked the top performing weed stock back in 2014, they could have made an incredible 4200% return.

The obvious winner over the last three years was Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, a Maryland-based company which has developed cancer treatments using cannabinoids.

The companies in the index are comprised of pharmaceutical companies, e-cigarette makers, and agricultural companies.

4/20 or Weed Day, is when investors are 20% more likely to purchase marijuana stocks because it is when they are most aware of weed’s prevalence.


As cannabis is now legal in 29 states of America, and more research is being done to understand the plant, the weed market is seen as the next big thing to invest in.

As reported by Fortune, the US Marijuana Index, which has gained a net $1.1 billion in market value over the past three years, returned 48%, quadruple the gain of the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index.


Despite the impressive returns by a few cannabis stocks, there were six out of the 10 stocks which lost money for investors.

I think it’s time to hash out a plan to invest in the budding market.