Influencer’s Haemorrhoid Cream Advert Leaves Followers In Stitches

by : Cameron Frew on : 05 Sep 2019 17:39
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Do you wish you were an influencer? Here’s what you’re missing out on: faux-fame, free products, travelling… and haemorrhoids. 


Well, that’s if every product-pedalling, globe-trotting elite Instagram user is in the same boat as Kyle Boen, from Nashville, Tennesse.

The self-described ‘coffee addict’ posted a scenic photo of him posing while out on a hike. What could he have possibly been thinking about? The meaning of life, perhaps? The wonder of the great outdoors?

Boen’s post, in fact, tells a painfully familiar story. It’s a tale as old as time: you’re absolutely craving a good, energetic hike with your pals, and they end up cancelling due to haemorrhoid pain. Golly, if I had a pound for every time that happened to me, the buggers.


On his Instagram post, Boen wrote: 

There’s nothing I love more than exploring the great outdoors on a good hike. It’s something I’ve always done since I can remember and always will.

Sometimes I’ve had friends who couldn’t go on hikes with me because of hemorrhoid discomfort and it was a real bummer.

A real bummer, indeed. Boen, who has more than 62,000 followers, then reaches out to us, the reader, saying how many people out there love the outdoors but may be constantly saddled with those darned haemorrhoids.


Fear not: Boen has a solution. As luck would have it, he has a product you can turn to: Preparation H, from American health company Strive Health.

Boen’s post lays it all out for you:

You also may love the outdoors but find it difficult to venture out for this same reason. Have no fear because Preparation H now comes in an easy to carry totable size.

Yep! Preparation H Totables are small enough to tuck away in your pack for easy access and quick relief. Don’t let hemorrhoid discomfort get in the way of your next big adventure.

Now get out there and explore your world.

Twitter user @GUTTER_SPICE took a screenshot of the Instagram post, tweeting it with the caption: ‘Influencer? Yea, but at what cost?’


It’s amassed nearly 58,000 likes, and has been retweeted more than 6,000 times – and there’s some good craic in the responses.

One user wrote: ‘Sorry bro I really wanna hike with you – it’s just this damned HEMORRHOID.’

Another person responded: ‘Tuesdays and Thursdays: legs days. Mondays and Wednesdays: arms days. EVERY day: hemorrhoid days!’

For what it’s worth, Boen has took it in his stride, saying he and his friend were laughing at the comments.

He wrote in a lengthy Instagram post after the hilarious online response: 

You can’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share your truth no matter what. If there is something you are passionate about or there is a message you want to share with others by all means do it.

Don’t be afraid of what others will say because at the end of the day, if what you’re bringing to the table can help someone in any way, then you’re doing good work.

Those bloody haemorrhoids though: what a pain in the arse.

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