Inmate Posts Shocking Clips Of What Life Inside Prison Is Really Like

PROD-Darren-McCash (2)Darren McCash

The British prison system is a topic of constant debate. For some, prisons are too easy. For others, the opposite. But now, we can have a look at what everyday life in prison is really like. 

As reported by the Mirror, drug kingpin, Darren McCash, posted a crazy insight into the unknown world of prison life, using an illegal mobile to post videos onto Facebook.

The crack cocaine dealer, who is currently serving a nine year sentence for his involvement with ‘The Government’, a gang of notorious drug pushers, has given a genuine look inside the supposed lawless day to day goings on in the penal system.

In one of the clips, McCash appears to be rolling a joint. In another, he poses topless, showing off his muscles while also showing a ‘Mac 10’ tattoo.

PROD-Darren-McCash (1)Darren McCash

But the most shocking clips are those that show inmates bullying and beating up others, and those which show other prisoners off their faces on the incredibly controversial legal high ‘Spice’.

In one video, it shows a prisoner being stripped and humiliated while paralytic on the drug.

However, it would appear that the videos have all since been deleted.

PROD-Darren-McCashDarren McCash

After the Mirror was tipped off about the videos, Steve Gillan of the Prison Officers Association said that the discovery of the posts was ’embarrassing’ for Tory Justice Secretary Michael Gove.

The revelation continues to push even more pressure on Mr Gove to regain control of prisons in the country.