Jennifer Lopez’ Bodybuilding Doppelgänger Is Confusing Everyone

by : UNILAD on : 01 Aug 2017 18:42

Jennifer Lopez has an absolutely ripped doppelgänger who will make you believe human cloning has been perfected.


The resemblance is so uncanny that you’d forgive visitors to Janice Garay’s Instagram page for assuming she was the artist formerly known as J Lo following a particularly intense gym session.

However, the Houston based muscle tech athlete and NPC figure wasn’t created in a lab and simply bears a very striking resemblance to the superstar singer and actress.

Just like Jenny from the block, 28-year-old Janice has thousands of fans on Instagram, many of whom are completely flabbergasted by her familiar appearance.


One follower recently commented ‘I thought this was a buff ass J Lo’ while another added ‘Legit thought this was J Lo’.

Lets face it, this is definitely not a bad celeb to be compared with and Janice is clearly enjoying her new found fame, referring to herself as ‘The Girl Who Is Breakin The Internet’.

Well, both women have been hugely successful in their respective fields, but next time you see a ‘ripped J Lo’ pic, double check to be sure!

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