Jessica Alba Lends Support To Public Breastfeeding By Doing It On Instagram

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jan 2018 20:03

Jessica Alba has shared a breastfeeding photo in a statement which fans have celebrated as a powerful message about women’s bodies.


Despite the fact it’s 2018, some people are somehow still not okay with the idea of people feeding their babies in public and celebrities, including Alba, have decide to raise awareness of how totally normal it is:

Afterall, if celebrities breastfeed their babies maybe normal mums should be allowed too as well?

Yet some people and businesses take umbrage with the practice in public, despite one person writing:


I can only presume that the same people would be equally unhappy if a baby was screaming the place down, because that is what they do if they don’t get fed.

I suppose the alternative is to lock newborns and mothers away from public view until the child is old enough to use a knife and fork?

Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but the point is, most mothers don’t choose to breastfeed in public, they have to breastfeed in public because their child is hungry and unhappy.

I’m fairly certain most people would avoid it if they could but the reality is, life doesn’t stop because you have a child, you have to leave the house to live and sometimes the child is going to get hungry.

Obviously there are also lots of physical and psychological benefits to breastfeeding which have been widely documented and studied.

Many people feel breastfeeding is a great way to create a bond between a mother and child, as well as the fact breastmilk has many benefits for young babies.


This being said, not everyone can breastfeed for a variety of reasons and that’s okay too.

I think the main point here is to let people raise their children and stop shaming them when they do it in public.

Fair play to Jessica Alba for using her fame as a platform to raise issues all mothers have to deal with.

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