John Goodman Lost 100lbs With Diet Still Containing Loads Of Fat


The dramatic weight loss revealed by John Goodman in October caught many off guard, but maybe not as much as the method he used to achieve it will do.

At 63 years of age the ‘Insanity’ work out goes out the window, so Goodman attacked the pounds with a dramatic change of diet and regular, achievable exercise.

The actor, renowned for roles in Roseanne and The Big Lebowski, has been eating a Mediterranean diet consisting of oily fish, nuts, spinach, salad, olive oil, and food rich in unsaturated fat. Unsaturated being the key difference to his previous intake.

Apparently this type of diet reduces blood pressure, massively boosts your life expectancy, and can keep you looking young. Hard to dispute that, Goodman looks a shell of his former 400lb self.

The man who also played Fred Flintstone also quit drinking in 2007, but is well aware that the hard work is not yet over. Speaking to David Letterman in 2011 he confessed that his battle with weight would continue to his dying day.

He said:

It’s going to be an ongoing process for the rest of my life.”

Obviously as a celebrity Goodman could afford the best help too. Trainer Mackie Shilstone enforced the diet plan, and also had his client walking 10-12,000 steps per day, six days per week.

Shilstone told the New York Post:

This didn’t happen overnight — it’s been an ongoing process,”


There needs to be strategic planning. This time, he really wanted to do it.”

At the end of the day there is not secret to weight loss. Cut out the takeaways, and get off your arse. But as proven by Goodman there is no need to not enjoy what you are eating.