Journalist Who Didn’t Hit Puberty Until 27 Shares His Story


When journalist, Ken Baker, was 17-years-old he had massively narrow shoulders, wide hips, and sex was the last thing on his mind.

To make matters worse, his nipples oozed with white fluid – ten times more than a breastfeeding woman and he couldn’t get an erection, reports The Sun.

He didn’t know why he was how he was, and never really questioned why sex had never been of interest to him – but by the time he got to 27, a girlfriend convinced him to go to the doctors.

That's me, the author, in Sixth Grade. Didn't need glasses … ?#TheLateBloomer

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It was there that he realised the cause of his differences. A brain tumour which was pushing down on his pituitary gland had been delaying his puberty.

After a spot of surgery, Ken was given testosterone medication and in seconds flat he was a rampantly horny and acne ridden teenager at the grand old age of 27.

Speaking about the radical transformation, he said:

All of a sudden, especially after the operation, I turned into a horny teenager who saw sex everywhere.

I lived in Santa Monica and rollerbladed along the beach. ‘How did I not notice that so many women are wearing bikinis?’ I thought.

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Weirdly (and as sort of a dick move if you ask me), Ken broke up with the girl who’d advised him to go to the doctors and started sleeping around.

But before long he found Brooke who he later married and now has two children with.

Ken’s miraculous and drastic life change was documented in his 2001 book, Man Made, which is currently being turned into a film called The Late Bloomer.


The Late Bloomer is set to hit cinema screens later this year.