Kim Jong-Un ‘On Verge Of Death’

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North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un is often thought to live a lavish lifestyle, with a sumptuous diet to match.

And now it seems his years of reported feasting and excessive drinking could well be catching up with him.

We were all getting a little nervous after watching the youthful dictator’s New Year’s Eve speech, where he boasted about the ‘nuclear button’ which apparently sits on his desk (heres hoping he doesn’t spill his morning coffee…).

However, health experts have expressed concern for a very different reason after watching the rotund oppressor – believed to be about 34-years-old – spew yet more threats towards his sworn enemies.

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Professor Cho Dong-uk from Chungnam State University has speculated the diet-shy despot could be suffering from kidney problems.

Cho has apparently sampled sounds from parts of Kim’s mouth. Such sounds are said to indicate disease specific to particular body organs.

Cho told the Korea Times:

At least, the samples show that his kidneys are weaker than other organs.

However, the professor’s analysis reportedly reveals a reasonably healthy set of lungs and heart.

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Cho explained how he sampled sounds from various mouth parts – ten in total – in an examination which took note of jitters, shimmer, noise-to-harmonics ratio and voice ‘energy’.

This isn’t the first time Kim Jong-un‘s health has come under scrutiny. In recent photographs, it seemed as if he had put weight on and he appeared visibly sweaty.

Previous reports have suggested Kim has suffered from various conditions, despite his relatively young age, including gout, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

Watch Kim’s speech below and check out for yourself the healthiness of his mouth sounds:

Rumours have been circulating for years about Kim's rich wining and dining habits - in a country where many people are believed to have starved to death.

His fondness for cheese is well known, and this has sometimes been taken to excess. According to the Metro, Kim actually had to go into hiding after binging on too much Emmental cheese.

He is said to have developed an insatiable appetite for the Swiss cheese after spending time studying in Switzerland, leading to him importing enormous quantities.

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The leader of the reclusive regime also reportedly enjoys pizza smothered in red meat such as salami, pepperoni, ham, and prosciutto.

Italian chef Ermanno Furlanis was hired to make pizza for the authoritarian back in the nineties, and has since described Kim's eating habits as 'not normal'.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Furlanis said:

I am no doctor but according to what we see from pictures we can say his diet is not very healthy at all.

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He is also fond of drinking expensive alcohol, with his booze habit costing the hermit state a grotesquely wasteful $30 million (£20 million) according to Newsweek.

Although he stands at a fairly short 5'5, Kim has been estimated to weigh about 20 stone and this may have led to health complications.

Newsweek has reported how, back in 2012, the tyrant even developed a cyst on his ankle due to his weight issues.

However, some people believe Kim could be deliberately piling on the pounds in order to better resemble his roly-poly grandpop Kim Il-sung, as well as to signify his wealth and status.

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The health of any world leader is important for ensuring global security, but when it comes to an unpredictable figure like Kim Jong-un, things get even more worrying.