Gamer Electrocuted To Death By Phone While It Was Charging

Gamer Electrocuted To Death By Phone While It Was ChargingViralPress

A young gamer has died after being electrocuted when he fell asleep playing on his phone, which was plugged into the mains.

Sastra Mo-in was playing on multiplayer online games on a number of different devices while in his bed in Thailand on Friday. One of the devices included a smartphone that was plugged into the mains with a charging cables.

The 25-year-old’s aunt, Watchareeporn, went into his room the next morning to help him clear up, only to discover he wasn’t moving.

She said her nephew’s body was purple and that his left hand was lying next to the plug covered in burn marks when she found him.

The 57-year-old immediately turned off the electricity at the fuse box and called the police.

Watchareeporn said:

My nephew always spent so much time on his bed using his phones and electronic games with a plug nearby.

There were so many nights that I saw him fall asleep while his phones were still plugged in.

When police arrived at the property in Chonburi, they inspected the body and confirmed the enthused gamer was dead.


Sastra’s body was then taken for a post-mortem examination before he was given a traditional burial service.

Police said they were not treating the death as suspicious and had not opened an investigation into the death.

A police report put shock death down to ‘electrocution caused by mobile phone’ and clarified there were no signs of an intruder.

The 25-year-old’s death comes in the very same week a 14-year-old girl from Kazakhstan died when her mobile phone battery exploded on her pillow while she slept.

Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek is said to have gone to bed while listening to music on her phone before she was found dead the next morning. It is believed her phone’s battery exploded in the night, as police confirmed the phone had been plugged in to a power socket at the time.

Girl Killed In Her Sleep After Her Charging Phone Exploded On Her Pilloweast2west

Forensic experts later confirmed the mobile phone had exploded in the early hours of the morning due to overheating as it charged. According to reports, this was the cause of death. The brand of smartphone and the charger have not yet been disclosed.

Sasta and Alua’s deaths are the latest in a number of tragic accidents involving seemingly faulty mobile phones and chargers, particularly in Russia.

For example, 26-year-old Liliya Novikova, known as Russia’s ‘most beautiful poker player’, was found dead in her bathroom after a suspected electric shock.

Girl Killed In Her Sleep After Her Charging Phone Exploded On Her Pilloweast2west

It is believed Liliya was blow drying her hair while possibly using her mobile at the same time when the tragic accident occurred. It is reported she died from a large electric shock.

Rest in peace.

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