Man Had 3-Inch Long Tweezers Lodged In His Urethra For Four Years

by : Julia Banim on : 09 Oct 2019 12:31
tweezers urethratweezers urethraUrology Case Reports

A 22-year-old man has had a pair of tweezers removed from his urethra, four years after they first became stuck up there.


During a visit to a clinic in Saudi Arabia, the unidentified man revealed he had inserted tweezers measuring 3.1 inches (8cm) into his urethra. Following an x-ray, doctors found the tweezers had become lodged at least 2.7 inches (7cm) deep inside the man’s penis.

Somewhat surprisingly, the man claimed he had not suffered any pain in the four years since the tweezers had become lodged, and did not experience any ‘inflammatory symptoms.’

Man Had 3-Inch Long Tweezers Lodged In His Urethra For Four YearsMan Had 3-Inch Long Tweezers Lodged In His Urethra For Four YearsUrology Case Reports

This queasy case was documented by a team of doctors from Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, led by Dr Mohamed Abouelazayem.


Details from the case have been reported in an article in medical journal Urology Case Reports, which recounted how the object was successfully removed from the man’s urethra.

The tweezers were found to be open, meaning they had to be removed carefully to avoid the sharp edges ripping the urethra. The sharp parts had become embedded at the proximal end of the bulbous urethra – an area near the base of the man’s penis.

The wince-inducing report explained how doctors had to place external pressure on the man’s penis; closing the trapped tweezers and allowing them to be pulled from the urethra without tearing.

Man Had 3-Inch Long Tweezers Lodged In His Urethra For Four YearsMan Had 3-Inch Long Tweezers Lodged In His Urethra For Four YearsUrology Case Reports

According to the report:

At the end of the procedure, no urethral catheter was inserted, the patient voided well and went home post procedure.

The patient was recommended to undergo a psychiatric evaluation but he refused. The patient did not follow up with the outpatient department.

This incident reportedly marked the second time ‘open thumb metal forceps’ had been recovered from a man’s urethra.

Other noted examples of objects previously discovered within this sensitive region have reportedly included: ‘fish hooks, metal roads, hairpins, screws, pellets, wires, wooden sticks, pieces of fish, and telephone cables.’


This case is regarded to be of interest to medics due to the length of time the man had gone with the object lodged inside his penis, apparently without suffering from any ‘inflammatory symptoms’.

tweezers urethratweezers urethraUrology Case Reports

It has not been stated why exactly the man chose to insert the tweezers inside his urethra. However, the medics involved in this case have noted how such acts can be most commonly attributed to ‘autoerotic and sexual gratification,’ particularly during masturbation activities.

The medics remarked how, in these relatively unusual circumstances, patients will often delay seeking help for such ailments due to feelings of guilt and humiliation.

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