Man Loses 100lbs In Less Than A Year, Here’s How He Did It

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Theoretically weight loss is a very simple process – burn more calories than you eat and you’re on your way.

In reality things are never quite so straight forward as old habits die hard.


But redditor, Deforges, has shared how he achieved 100lbs of weight loss in just 11 months – slimming down from 300 to 200lbs.


He said on his post:

Today was a monumental milestone for me. After spending most of my life being fat, and a point of hitting rock bottom, I finally got my shit together. While I still have some ways to go, I’m so happy that most of this journey is done with.

Please don’t wait to lose weight. I feel 100 times better than I ever did when I was at 300lbs mentally and physically. The only thing that awaited me with that lifestyle was diabetes, hypertension, and a shorter time on this earth. Girls look at me now, I don’t worry about chairs creaking as I sit down, and overall I have way more confidence than ever before.


So how did he do it?



Deforges didn’t wean himself off junk gradually, he opted for a combination of fasting and keto.


He said:

Intermittent Fasting and eating Keto were the methods used for this weight loss. Starting out I only ate one meal a day at dinner time, whatever I wanted. I chose this method because I had an unhealthy relationship with food and liked a lot of sweets. I wanted a method of dieting that could control caloric intake while still allowing me to eat whatever I wanted, yet still be satisfied. Following this method, trying to eat a 1500-2000kcal meal was difficult so I knew I couldn’t OVEREAT.

Later on, I ate Keto and found that I could eat very low in calories without being hungry and still be satisfied. For the last 50 lbs I didn’t count calories at all, I simply ate less than 20g of Carbs and stayed away from sugar. Right now I still eat Keto, I would like to get to 195 before I start bulking but I would guess that I eat around 1700kcal a day.


As reported by Bodybuilding.com, keto is a solid low-carb option for fat loss, but if you are hoping to build muscle things it isn’t the best choice.


Deforges supplement use was also minimal through the process too.

According to reddit he’d consume 10 grams of whey protein and two caffeine pills ahead of workouts, while also incorporating a men’s multi-vitamin into his daily routine.


Workout Regime


According to his post Deforges exercise regime was certainly no walk in the park.

Push exercises included:

Benchpress – 3×5 185

Overhead press – 3×5 115

Incline Bench – 3×5 135

Dumbbell side lateral raises – 3×10 25

Dumbbell straight lateral raises – 3×10 25 or 20 if I’m weak

Rope Pushdowns – 3×10 (machine at gym is resistance based so Idk the weight)

Overhead dumbbell extension – 3×10 35

Shrugs – 3×10 275


Deforges described his pull routines as:

Chin-ups – 3×10 bodyweight

Bent over row – 3×5 135

Lat pull down – 3×10 130

Seated row – 3×10 130

Facepulls – 3×10 70

Preacher curls – 3×10 170 (on machine, then I do a dead set to get really pumped, not sure if that’s what it’s called but I start at 170 and do as many reps as I can, when I fail I drop 20 lbs and repeat until no more weight)

T-Bar row – 3×10 50-75, I’m a pussy on this one


And his leg regiment reportedly included:

Legs I keep very short but very grueling (for me at least)

Squats – 5×5 225 (I have shit form on squats so hurt myself so I do hack squats if my legs are messed up.)

Hack Squats (if not doing Squats) – 5×5 3 plates, don’t know the weight of the sled

Deadlift – 1×5 315, just hit one rep max of 405!

Leg press – 3×8 450

Standing calf raises – 3xfailure 250

Seated calf raises – 3xfailure 75

I also do 3×15 crunches at the end of every workout day. Not sure if they’re crunches, you basically lift yourself by your forearms and raise your legs up to your chest.

No strength loss, but slow gains.


What a great effort, keep up the good work Deforges!

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    11 months of diet and exercise made me a new person - 22, M, 6'4" 300lb > 200lb