Italian Man Screams In Pain Having Genital Wart Frozen Off His Penis

by : Cameron Frew on : 25 Feb 2020 11:49


‘Don’t do unprotected sex guys’, or you could end up like this poor sod – screaming in pain as a genital wart is frozen off his penis.

Marco, from Italy, took at a trip to E4’s infamous Sex Clinic to see about a pesky lump under the foreskin of his member. Inevitably, Dr Sarah Mulindwa diagnosed it as a genital wart – a rather common sexually transmitted infection (STI).


However, the cure proved to be excruciating. It wasn’t long before the 30-year-old was screaming the clinic down in agony as the wart was frozen off with liquid nitrogen.

Man Screams In Pain Having Genital Wart Frozen Off His Penis 2E4

After assessing the growth, the doctor told Marco she could get rid of the painless wart by freezing it (known as cryotherapy). Unfortunately for this patient, it’s not a one-time fix – he’ll have to undergo the procedure once a week for four weeks to shrink it to a size where it’ll be able to be pulled off.

While cryotherapy doesn’t take particularly long compared to other procedures, it can be (as witnessed in the clip) pretty painful, with some soreness in the subsequent days. As Dr Mulindwa said to Marco: ‘I’m going to spray it enough times to freeze it a little bit. It can be a little bit uncomfortable.’


When Marco asked if he can still have sex while he’s getting the treatment, the doctor replied: ‘What we normally say is to avoid sex altogether. Any opportunity for skin-to-skin to come into contact, avoid. The wart is in your penis, avoid putting your penis anywhere else on anyone’s body.’

Man Screams In Pain Having Genital Wart Frozen Off His Penis 3E4

Genital warts are generally transmitted following skin-to-skin contact during unprotected sex – as such, Marco admitted to the doctor he’d been having sexual intercourse without a condom recently.

As he receives the treatment, Marco says: ‘This is torture. I’m crying. Don’t do unprotected sex guys – that’s what happens. This is like a nightmare.’


The doctor advised him to not have sex for at least two weeks to prevent the spread of the STI. ‘I will definitely try my best to do as she said. Honestly I want to have sex tomorrow morning first thing when I wake up. But I won’t,’ he said.

Man Screams In Pain Having Genital Wart Frozen Off His Penis 5E4

After seeing the clip, viewers took to Twitter to share their shock. One viewer wrote: ‘I just don’t understand why you would go on TV to have your genital warts treated.’

While rates of diagnosis have been falling over the past decade, there were 57,318 new genital wart cases in England in 2018, according to the MailOnline.


For more informations about the STI, please visit the NHS website.

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