Man Squeezes Throbbing Cyst With Tweezers In Horrifying Video


Oh good, another disgusting pimple-popping video is circulating online for all you weird people who find it satisfying.

This time, it’s a man squeezing a cyst on his own face with a pair of tweezers.

Frederic Ward, 23, was suffering from a Staphylococcal infection, and instead of getting medical help, he took matters into his own hands.

Here you go then, here it is:

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Mr Ward, who said he has these infections regularly, is seen on the video squeezing the cyst, which took just four days to grow, in his bathroom in Ontario.

Filmed by friends, who are heard retching throughout, Mr Ward, a facility attendant, prods, squeezes and even uses tweezers to try and remove the bulge, which he says ‘hurts so bad’.

Argh, gross.

And after more than four minutes of going at the cyst, he was unable to clear the sac completely, which is seen hanging there.

It has since ‘cleared up’.

He said:

I’m still not sure what caused the infection and it’s still being investigated. I decided to drain it myself once it appeared ready.

I have had 10 or so of these exact infections and didn’t want to have to go and wait at the hospital again as I was already being prescribed proper antibiotics by my doctor. I continue to see doctors as this is a chronic issue for me.


He added:

My initial draining as unsuccessful as there was a visible build-up outside of the growth.

It was extremely painful to the touch and would throb as the days went on. It has fully cleared up and left little to no scarring.

But that’s nothing on Doctor Pimple Popper who has regularly posted videos online for quite some time now.

Despite being some people’s worst nightmare, her videos have actually become so successful, she now has her own TV show.

It’s basically just a larger scale version of her short internet clips, in which the Californian dermatologist helps remove some of the most disgusting dermatological growths ever.

Dr Pimple Popper: This Is Zit/Facebook

And the first episode certainly didn’t disappoint, especially regarding a cyst on a man’s arm which spewed out pus which looked like a ‘hard boiled egg’.

In a voiceover while she’s pushing the pus out of the huge cyst, she says:

A lot of people might ask me what is contained in the sac. It has very many different appearances – in this case it kinda looks like a hard boiled egg, or wet newspaper or even cold, wet oatmeal.

Let me explain to you what an epidermoid cyst is, it’s essentially a balloon right under our skin and it’s our skin that has turned under and formed a little sac underneath.

And so what’s happening is our skin – just like our skin normally sheds during the day – it’s shedding still in this sac but it’s getting trapped under our skin.

So sometimes you can squeeze some of this stuff out but it will continue to fill up as long as the sac is still there. So the only way to really get rid of a cyst like this is to excise it completely and remove the entire sac.

Or… instead of popping actual spots and pimples, cysts, whatever, use this instead:

You Can Pop Spots With This New Gadget

This is the new toy for people who love popping spots ??

Posted by UNILAD on Friday, 2 February 2018

I am definitely not one of those people who find pimple popping satisfying.