Man ‘Too Fat’ For Theme Park Rides Loses An Incredible 17 Stone

dunn1James Dunn

James Dunn will never forget the moment he was inspired to transform his life.

The 28-year-old teaching assistant was on a staff day out at British theme park Alton Towers when his size made it impossible for him to be harnessed safely on a ride, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Since then James has worked his arse off to shed a massive 17 stone, ditching convenience foods, sugary snacks, and takeaways in the process.

JS98006561James Dunn

James revealed:

We had a big staff day out at Alton Towers, and I tried to get on a ride and the bar wouldn’t fasten. Two people tried to help fasten it but it wouldn’t and they said I was going to have to get off.

It was mortifying, it was so embarrassing. There was tons of people watching and I just couldn’t ever face going back again.

3 days to go till #MakeMyBodyBetter! Was dreading the day the picture on the left ever became public but seen as though…

Posted by James Dunn on Friday, August 26, 2016

He added:

I’d always skip breakfast, and then for lunch I’d have pasties, sausage rolls, white bread and I’d drink sugary drinks.

Then about four times a week I’d have takeaways, I’d eat whatever was convenient, and it would always be in huge portions that just weren’t normal.

I’d eat pizzas, Chinese, Indian, but not a portion that a normal person would eat. They’d always be massive portions.

James’s transformation journey was kick-started by his selection to star on Channel 4 show Make My Body Better, where he was set the challenge of reaching a weight of 17 stone in order to compete in a horse race.

I can't wait for tomorrow for everyone to see #MakeMyBodyBetter and everything we achieved this year, I say we cos I…

Posted by James Dunn on Sunday, August 28, 2016

The show did aid his weight-loss in supporting him through given gastric sleeve surgery, to remove around three quarters of his stomach – and while that did help him shift a significant amount of weight, James has had to work hard in the gym to increase his fitness.

James concedes that surgery should remain a last resort though, saying:

I don’t want to tell people to get fat and then go out and get weight-loss surgery. It’s not about that, because prevention is definitely better than cure.

I’d always been overweight even as a child and I think the best way to combat it is to tackle it while you’re young. We need to educate them at a young age.

Now weighing 14 stone 5lbs, James is hoping to use his experience to educate children about making healthy choices and avoiding the lifestyle he has now left behind.