Mum Drops 10st And 14 Dress Sizes After Diet Of Microwave Ready Meals

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A woman has shed 10 stone, more than half her body weight, by sticking to a diet of microwaveable ready meals.

28-year-old Kelley Robinson, from Wolverhampton, put on eight stone in as many months after giving birth to her son Kylo.

At her heaviest, Kelley weighed 21 stone and was a size 26, but decided to make a change when her knees started buckling under the pressure of her frame.

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A size 14 before having Kylo, Kelley developed unhealthy eating habits while staying at home looking after her newborn.

On a typical day, Kelley would have white toast for breakfast, a sandwich and crisps for lunch, get a late night takeaway for dinner and snack on chocolate, fizzy drinks and more crisps throughout the day.

After piling on the weight, Kelley tried using diet pills to shift the pounds but said, ‘they were dreadful, I had no energy and couldn’t stop pooing the whole time.’

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That’s when Kelley’s fitness fanatic fiancé, Ryan Lake, stepped in offering to help by encouraging her to go to the gym.

Kelley said:

Ryan was amazing, he could see how depressed I was and just gently took control but by coaxing me to the gym. I’d never have had the confidence to do it without him.

At first I found it so hard, I wanted to give up, I really hated it but I kept at it and with the changes in my diet too I found that I was actually losing weight.

I’m such a gym bunny now it’s unreal I go whenever I have a second and absolutely love it. I even get up super early before the kids wake up to go and workout for an hour.

I go at least six times a week and make sure to do a mix of cardio and weights. Doing the weights have meant that the saggy skin has really toned up, which is one thing I was worried about losing quite so much.

Kelley, who is also mum to 12-year-old Tamzin, changed her diet realising she could control her calorie intake more effectively by eating microwavable ready meals which typically have between 400 and 600 calories.

For dinner Kelley’s favourites are Morrison’s Chicken Tikka Masala, Beef Hot Pots or Macaroni which are ‘quick and easy too’.

Eating Weetabix and fruit for breakfast, and wraps for lunch, Kelley also stopped snacking and swapped fizzy drinks for water.

kelley robinson weight lossSWNS

Three months into her new regime, Kelley lost three stone which only encouraged her to get ‘really strict’ with herself as she ‘realised [she] could do it’.

Losing nine stone in a year, Kelley now weighs a healthy 11 stone and is a size 12. Her 44F breasts also slimmed down to a 36E.

Explaining why the ready meals worked for her, Kelley said:

The ready meals made it so easy for me to keep track of exactly what I was consuming calorie wise.

It may not sound healthy but I chose low cal ones and it really helped me get started on my weight loss journey. I cut out carbs, dairy and even quit the ready meals eventually.

It has got to the point now where people don’t actually recognise me on the street. An old friend of mine did a double take the other day when I said ‘hi’ as she didn’t notice it was me at all.

My whole outlook on life is different. Before all I did was sit about on the sofa and order takeaways whereas now I’m super active and have tonnes of energy all the time.

Kelley added her knees are no longer a problem and she also feels more confident. Congratulations to her!

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