Mum Looks So Young People Think She Is Her Son’s Girlfriend


This mum is so super fit and incredibly young looking, people keep mistaking her son for her boyfriend…

One thing’s for sure in this life, we age and then we die, but my confidence in that theory has just wavered somewhat, after seeing pictures of this crazily young looking 49-year-old mum.

It’s not just a case of ‘oh she looks good for her age,’ and asking what skin cream she uses, this woman looks so unbelievably young, it’s almost like she’s achieved the impossible.

Pictures of Liu Yelin looking ridiculously youthful and working out have now gone viral, after she’s been dubbed the ‘fittest mum’ in China, the Mirror reports.

The 49-year-old mum from Xinyang city, in the central Henan Province, shockingly young looks are bewildering people so much, she often gets mistaken for her 22-year-old son’s girlfriend…

However, achieving a perfectly toned and ultra-fit body when you’re pushing 50 – or at any age to be honest – comes at a hefty cost.

Obviously to get a flawless physique, sculpted to perfection, the stakes are always going to be high and the amount of work you put in, is always going to be a lot. Let’s be honest, it was never going to be easy though was it?

Liu admits she pays a price to look the way she does – although we’re not talking about plastic surgery here – and works out for two hours every-single-day, to achieve her desired results.

Her Instagram page is dedicated to all things fitness and her intensive exercise regimes, which include a combination of running, swimming and boxing.

She posts tips to her followers – who are presumably trying to harness her secret to defying her age – and stresses how important it is to exercise in a variety of ways, including strength training and cardio.

Perhaps reassuringly, Liu admits she didn’t start ‘seriously working out,’ until she was 30, when she learnt how to swim and decided to embrace fitness from a whole new perspective.

The 49-year-old is so fantastically fit, she’s even swam an astonishing 37-miles across the Malacca Strait, between the Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra.

She hasn’t stopped there though, oh no, Liu is such a keen swimmer, she has plans to swim the 307 mile long Han River in Seoul, South Korea in September, age 50 no less.

This woman is incredible on every level. Not only are her fitness achievements insanely impressive, she’s also single-handedly managed to defy the laws of ageing.

It seems instead of getting older, Liu looks like she’s getting younger, basically redefining science and drawing her own boundaries of what the human body is capable of.

As Liu said though, there’s a price to pay in terms of your dedication to the treadmill and no amount of anti-ageing cream is going to save you from not being physically fit from within…